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Viva Las Vegas

Okay, no, I'm not really much of a Vegas person. It's such a bizarre place, all bright lights and flashy shows and alternate realities (visit Paris, visit Venice, visit Rome, watch a pirate ship sink, all without leaving the Vegas Strip), but there's a heavy feeling of despair in the air. Particularly at the airport; LAS is the grimmest airport I've ever been to. 

However, I'll be there from tonight through next weekend for the Consumer Electronics Show. I'm sure I'll suffer through somehow. But in the meanwhile if any of you want a postcard (because yay getting mail) drop your address in the comments (even if I already have it somewhere because I'm hugely disorganized). And, uh, yes, new years cards, I'm still doing that, really, I have a plan and everything (drop your info over there if you'd like one). It's just time is kind of getting away from me. Shock!
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What happened to 2011?

Yikes. Looking back I'm really not sure where the year has gone. The last month or so has been fairly dreadful — my grandpa has been very ill (we canceled Thanksgiving and we're probably canceling Christmas, too, because of it), I was down with the flu for what seemed like ever, I had a trip to California for work, I've spent a heck of a lot of time convinced that my boss wanted to fire me, and in the moments Bad Things haven't been happening I've just been too busy with work to stop and notice time passing.

And now it is Christmas and I'm entirely unprepared for such an eventuality.

So I'd wanted to send some Christmas-like cards but it's now really quite likely too late to do so, but I'm thinking I'll call them "happy 2012" cards and send them anyway. So if you'd like a not-quite-Christmas card, please comment on this post with your address and your favorite book/comic/author (or all of the above; or multiples of the above). For that later bit I promise nothing, but I have an idea that I'm going to try. Maybe. Unless it turns out horribly and then we'll just pretend I never asked, right? Right.

All comments screened. Your terrible literary secrets are safe with me. <3

Oh, and re: my icon, Pottermore tells me I'm a Hufflepuff, much to the surprise of everyone who actually knows me, but I'm going with it.
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Reality depresses me and sometimes so does fantasy.

People have incredibly strong feelings about Doctor Who, and I should know, because I am a person myself (or at least I think I am) and a fan of Doctor Who. I've watched more episodes than I can give an immediate account of, I've heard more of the audio plays than I haven't, I read books (new and old) and comics (new and old). I participate in a monthly Doctor Who podcast and I've written fanfiction. I've done Doctor Who roleplay and cosplay. I own more than one sonic screwdriver.

In the end, it's safe to say that I'm well and truly down the rabbit hole where this fandom is concerned.

But recently? My default mode for fandom has become avoid, because the fandom seems to be divided between people who like the latest episodes more than anything ever and people who hate the latest episodes more than anything ever. The arguments are of epic length and full of anger and frustration. There's enough divisiveness and vitriol in real life politics and it's frustrating when it creeps in to things I supposedly participate in for fun.
I happen to be one of the people who's enjoying the heck out of these new episodes — maybe you haven't, and that's fine. I'm sure we all have valid reasons for our likes and dislikes and I feel no need to prosthelytize. We all love Doctor Who — we love it enough to have very passionate opinions about it — so why can't we enjoy the parts of it we enjoy together? 
It's a bummer that it seems like we can't — and it's why I'm quiet as a doormouse on the subject of Doctor Who. I don't want to argue with you, whatever your opinion is. Fandom ought to be about the things we love. And to that effect, if you respond to this post, I'd like you to tell me something you love about Doctor Who — a character, an episode, an actor, anything.

I'll start you off with Zoe Heriot, whom I love because she's clever, just as clever as the Doctor. (Well, okay, maybe not that clever, but she's darned clever.)
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Festive December season cards

So I am probably maybe perhaps likely going to send out some kind of holiday card. It will probably maybe perhaps be out this month. Anyone who knows me will know just how cheerfully festive I am but, well, tis the season, right? If you'd like a card, please comment here with a mailing address and you shall receive. (Comments screened.)

Actual holiday content variable.
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Life confuses me; I confuse me.

There is an on/off switch somewhere in my brain that I seem to have absolutely no control over. I have stopped caring, entirely, about a tremendous number of things that used to be very important to me. Maybe I'll start again and maybe I won't -- my own desires and interests are entirely mysterious, even to me. In the meanwhile, everything is cold and indifferent and I get through most days on a steady diet of distractions and shiny objects.
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So, about that Dragon*Con...

Dragon*Con is officially over and it's been... I'll just say interesting. Some good interesting, some bad interesting, but I'll hit the highlights and endevour to spend the rest of the year forgetting the rest. (It's a necessity, or else I'll never go to a con again. Which I've already said I won't, but there's plenty of time to talk myself back out of that.)

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And apparently the Sheraton is already taking reservations for next year. I may have to get in on that, though I'm really not into being the respoinsible person who books the room. Damn responsibility. /shakefist
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And thanks for all the fish.

I’ve been working on the Joystiq network (currently comprising Big Download, Joystiq, Massively, and WoW.com) for four and a half years now, back when WoW.com was WoW Insider and we got as much traffic in a month as we now do in a day. (For laughs, check out my first post on the site, about patch 1.10.) In my time on the network, I’ve written 928,077 words in 2454 posts. I’ve learned more than I can reasonably explain in a simple blog post and I’ve worn more different hats than I can count. It’s longer than I’ve ever stayed in one place before and, no matter how difficult it’s been at times, there’s a comfortable familiarity to it that makes it hard to imagine leaving. But leaving I am, at the end of the month. It’s been a wild ride and I don’t regret a moment of the time I’ve spent here, but gaming has turned into more work than play and it’s time for a change.
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Sherlock / this is my note

I think I am developing a serious crush on Martin Freeman

He's so damn adorable I just want to hug him.

Also, this line of dialog from the Sherlock pilot (from, I presume, that last scene with Sherlock and John talking after [spoiler, spoiler]) that didn't make it to the final episode. (No, I haven't seen the pilot, but there's a clip of it floating around the intertubes. It looks hilarious.)

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As simply gorgeous as Benedict Cumberbatch is in this series (and oh, he is), Martin's... well, ordinariness has a warm sort of appeal, and he's given the typically bumbling Watson a very serious on-screen presence. Also he's adorable, but I might have mentioned that already.